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Balavil Estate and Balavil House in particular can provide the ideal setting for film and promotional photography locations. 

The classic architecture of house together with the gracious, well-proportioned and well-furnished rooms lends the house to a variety of film work and fashion photography. Throughout the Estate there are numerous settings from purple heather clad moors to woodland burns, which make ideal backdrops for promotional work.

Balavil House is currently being filmed as "Killwillie Castle" for the popular BBC serial "Monarch of the Glen". Both exterior and interior shots are being used and the house also featured in the last series. Balavil has also been the location for promotional work for catalogues and adverts for Holland and Holland, Barbour, Musto and Hoggs clothing and footwear.

We fully understand the personnel and time involved in taking even the shortest footage of film or in creating the right backdrop for a fashion shoot, and try to be as flexible as possible. 

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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